1. What is MO+?
MO+ offers a variety of infinity data plans at great prices. 4G 21Mbps data plans are now upgraded to 4.5G 42Mbps, enhancing the user internet experience.
2. What services do MO+ SIM offer?
We are currently offering 6 types of SIM Plans. With the same price, 4G 21Mbps data plans are now upgraded to 4.5G 42Mbps. Starting from $68 (net monthly fee), you can enjoy 4.5G infinity data for all SIM Plans.
4.5G 42M Monthly Plan:
  • Net Monthly Fee $68 -【Best price!】For Standard Infinity Data Plan, you can enjoy speed of up to 42Mbps for first 5GB + 3GB# data and speed of 128 Kbps for infinity data.
  • $108 -【For social media enthusiasts!】For the first-to-market Social Data Monthly SIM Plan, you can enjoy speed of up to 42Mbps for first 7GB data and infinity social data for browsing , , , , , and , and speed of 128 Kbps for infinity data.
  • $120 -【Use as much as you want!】You can enjoy speed of up to 42Mbps for infinity data.
4.5G Full Speed Monthly Plan:
  • $108 -【Best Offer!】 You can enjoy 4.5G full speed for first 6GB+2GB# data and speed of up to 128kbps for infinity data.
  • $128 -【Great Deal!】 You can enjoy 4.5G full speed for first 8GB+4GB# data and speed of up to 128kbps for infinity data.
  • $188 -【Highest speed!】You can enjoy speed of up to 4.5G full speed for infinity data. Extra $20 rebate for successful subscription in the same month.
#Only available for port-in number.
More exclusive discount for mobile number port-in, please check here for more details.
3. What is Social Data?
You could browse the designated social networking sites (including , , , , , and ) with the first-to-market Social Data for $108 4.5G 42M Monthly Plan and infinity social data pack. You will not consume the original 4.5G 42M local data while browsing the designated social networking sites.
4. Which mobile network operator supports MO+'s SIM service?
MO+'s mobile service is supported by 3HK (Hutchison Telecommunication Ltd.).
5. Can MO+'s customer purchase extra data/ data roaming daily pass?
Yes. For details, please refer to My3 App.
6. Do MO+ provide Value-Added Services such as voice mail?
Yes, we do provide Value-Added Services, including Call Forward Bundle, Caller Number Display, Call Waiting, Conference Call, Voice Mail for all SIM Plans.
7. Do MO+ provide VoLTE?
8. How to check my MO+ account details, voice mins and data usage?
You can check your account details, voice mins and data usage via My3 App.
9. How to subscribe MO+ Monthly Plan?
You can register MO+ Monthly Plan via our website by selecting your favorite mobile number or submitting your port-in application. In just a few simple steps, you will get the SIM delivered right to your door.
10. What document is required? Is there any age limit?
You can subscribe to our service if you are aged 18 or above with a Hong Kong ID card.
11. How can I pay for MO+ SIM service?
Currently we accept monthly automatic payments by VISA and MasterCard (issued by Hong Kong institutions).
12. How to port-in my current number to MO+?
You can register our service in SIM Plan registration page, choose "Port your number" and fill in the related information. We will work with your existing operator to settle everything else for you.
  • Make sure your HKID and name are correctly input in our system.(MUST be the same as the one that you are using in the current operator)
  • For pre-paid SIM customer, please make sure your pre-paid SIM account is still activate and have minimum of $1 balance.
  • For monthly service plan customer, please make sure you have chosen a correct port-in date to avoid penalty.
13. Can 3HK/MO's customer subscribe MO+ SIM service?
14. How do I know whether my registration for MO+ SIM service is successful or not?
You will receive a confirmation email after successful registration.
15. When will I get my SIM card?
Upon successful registration, the SIM card will be delivered to your registered address within 3-5 working days. Actual delivery schedule maybe delay due to various situation (e.g. Hong Kong Post's special arrangement for postal service).
16. How to activate my SIM card?
Once you received your SIM card, please activate your SIM card with the following steps:
Step 1: Click here and login to your account with your registered email address.
Step 2: Input the last 11 digits shown on the back of your SIM card.
Step 3: Insert the SIM Card to your device on service start date. (If it shows no signal, please restart.)
17. What should I do if I cannot receive my SIM card, I loss my SIM card, or my SIM card is damaged?
You should contact 3iChat to reissue a new SIM card or report the loss.

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