Port-in with Extra GB Offer

Port-in customers who subscribe to 6GB local data or above of MO's DIY data monthly plan and set up credit cards autopay can enjoy extra 1GB Local Data in first 6 months.
Port-in Successful Port-in Successful
autopay payment autopay payment
Free 1GB
* Customer is required to register for autopay function for settling the monthly payment by VISA/Master during designated MO DIY data monthly plan subscription process. If the autopay function is turned off during the first 6 months, the customer will not be eligible to enjoy the bonus data again and no compensation will be made (even the customer turn on autopay function again).
Terms and Conditions for Port-In with Extra GB Offer
1. Port-In with Extra GB Offer is valid until 28 March 2021. 2. This offer applies to the new port-in customers who register for MO SIM at $108/ 6GB or above MO DIY data monthly plan and customer is required to set up autopay on their credit cards for prepaid MO DIY data monthly plan subscription, then customers enjoy extra 1GB local data bonus in first 6 months. 3. If the customer afterwards changes MO DIY data plan below $108/ 6GB or the autopay function is withdrawn or ceased during bonus data valid period, the customer will not be eligible to enjoy this offer since then. 4. Each customer can only enjoy this offer once as determined by registered the customer’s number. 5. We reserve the right to change the contents for this offer without prior notice. We shall have the final decision in case of any dispute. 6. In the event of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of the above terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.